In the Heat of Lisbon, by numbers

Celtic’s 2-1 victory over Inter Milan on 25th May 1967 was celebrated not just for the fact it was the first time any British club had won the European Cup (indeed, any Northern European club) but because it was seen as a victory for attacking football over the “catenaccio” style of defensive (predominantly) Italian football. … Read More

Top CATs

Inspired by The Rangers Report, whose excellent blog is recommended, I have come up with a new KPI, the Celtic Attacking Threat, or CAT Score. Rangers Report has OSCR (Overall Scoring Contribution Rating), and I have taken a similar approach with the aim of aggregating attacking data to form an overall view of scoring threat. … Read More

Pitch Perfect Celtic Prepare For Paris

A fine away win at an in-form Hamilton Academical boosted Celtic confidence for what will be a very different match in the Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain. The Dangers of Confidence Hamilton Academical had made a sparkling start to the season. Early relegation favourites, 7 points and 8 goals in their last three league matches, … Read More

Paean for Paddy

Patrick Roberts put months of speculation behind us all by singing on at Celtic for a further year, on loan from Manchester City. Most importantly, he is exciting to watch. As Bertie Auld would no doubt say, “Go and entertain, son”. But Roberts has always given good numbers. And that’s why we are here. Leave … Read More

Thrice Bitton

“You did scout Sinclair, didn’t you?” “Scout Sinclair? I thought you said SCOTT Sinclair!” All you want is the dullest of 0-0 draws, perhaps nick an away goal, so you can talk about maturity, calmness, development and being a good European side. And you get a 7-goal thriller with defensive calamities thrown in. Football, eh? … Read More